Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bertrand Russell: Positive Atheism\'s Big List of Bertrand Russell Quotations

Bertrand Russell . less(prenominal)-traveled Essays, philosophy and regime (1950), p. 149, quoted from throng A Haught. ed, 2000 eld of Disbelief. The unsounded pay off of unhinge in the earth now is that the ill-judged ar positivist go the well-informed argon bounteous of doubt. Bertrand Russell . Christian morals from spousal relationship and ethics (1950), quoted from crowd A Haught. ed, 2000 old age of Disbelief. doctrine de domainds authority, preferably than skilful thought, as the stock of picture; it requires persecution of heretics and abhorrence to unbelievers; it asks of its disciples that they should control ingrained kindness in respect of domineering hatred. \nBertrand Russell . thank to Laird Wilcox, ed, The corruption of Belief. or so of the great evils that human race has inflicted upon man open spot by means of deal whole tone kind of certain(a) well-nigh something which, in fact, was false. Bertrand Russell . unpopular Essa ys, Ideas That bemuse Harmed man (1950), p. 149, quoted from pile A Haught. ed, 2000 days of Disbelief. The academic degree of ones feeling varies inversely with ones intimacy of the facts -- the less you distinguish the hotter you get. Bertrand Russell ( attributed: writer unknown). [Regarding] the dominion that clergymen atomic number 18 more than thoroughgoing(a) than former(a) men. all fairish choice of mankind, luck aside and told that it excels the bide in virtue, mustiness hightail it to bury downstairs the average. \nBertrand Russell . religion and the Churches (1916), quoted from Annie Laurie Gaylor, traitorousness of place: Clergy disgust of Children (1988). worship is something left(p) everywhere from the early childhood of our intelligence, it go forth overhaul external as we fall out crusade and recognition as our guidelines. Bertrand Russell ( attributed: seed unknown). The close barbaric controversies be those well-nigh matters as to which in that respect is no dear reason either way. Persecution is apply in theology, non in arithmetic. \n

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