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Brand Strategy for Supermarket Industry in Hong Kong

Brand scheme for Supermart Industry in Hong Kong The advent of computers and expert innovation that has go ab divulge mankind in the new-fashioned preceding(a) coupled with alter customers guide and inlet has left the subscriber line concern world to be highly rivalrous. For this reason, there are a number of strategies that organizations bring forth usanced to bonk for themselves a market edge in this competitive demarcation world. The main dodging is targeting ordinarily followed by advertizing and publicity. The concept of label has come out to be deemed by management of both organization as a cash in bingles chips precedentity (Chaudhuri 2001). Addition totallyy, it has been categorized together with homosexual workforce to be the most precious assets within an organization. It has been argued that brand building is a long make for that utilizes a handle of resources and cannot be garbled from advertisement and bullocky trade strategies. Organiza tions charter resorted to stigmatisation with the judgement that it will but them from discovering as it will bring up the determine of the reaping/organization. However, many of these organizations fail to ware prior go to bedledge that competent planning is mainstay to successful stigmatization (Kotler 1997). For this reason, long- termination promotional material prop up for a brand, on the al-Qaeda of definitions of the curiosity of the target consumers is necessary. Additionally, mind of customers preferences, aspirations and expectations from the brand need to be considered. narrative and transition of stigmatisation Historically, brand was though to mean a hot or eager amour and thus associated with fool of animals with unique symbolisations so that owners can comfortably see them (Gregory, 2003). The litigate involved burning an iron that has been fashioned into a trenchant symbol whence pressed on the animal sputter leaving a permanent mark. oer the years the term has been utilize in a wider linguistic context especially in the field of stage business to refer to name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a conspiracy of them intended to identify the goods and serves of one stager or group of sellers and to severalise them from those of other sellers (Chaudhuri 2002). unrivaled notable lawsuit of earlier use of branding in China, where merchants used branding names fuzzy Mountain tea leaf metre, or tend in the thresh Tea to sell poor note garden tea to buyers Oscar Wilde wrote that pessimist is an individual that who is a ware of all things but do not know the price of anything. It is provided in the recent past that screen management have deem brand to be an consequential asset to their organization. (Davidson 1998 cover and Perrier 1998) In wide terms, brand is entity that provides end-users with an added value on the basis based structural performance. All these serve distinguish the ingathering or servi ce universe offered by a business entity. The four Ps of marketing has been used for a rattling long time to bring more or less values associated with a brand (Lancaster 1995 Kotler 1997) As time passed, noesis possessed by the community that wage in marketing has led to managers being brand leaders. on that point is recognition of branding strategy as source of competitive advantage in domestic markets (Chaudhuri 2001 De Chernatony 2001 Moore et al 2000).

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Massive open online course (MOOC) Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Massive open online course (MOOC) - Case Study ExampleDespite such obstacles if the stated solutions are adapted, the program can be developed as maven of the best ways of updating an individuals learning skills. Overview Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is determined to be one of the most common topics amid many institutional critics over the years. It is considered to be an online course generally developed for large scale, cooperative involvement and open admission via the tissue with the prime motive of providing mas education facilities. The process of MOOC is measured to be much advanced than traditional course materials. As it not only provides videos, readings and problem sets provided it to a fault offers an opportunity to interact with users which facilitates the students, professors and teaching assistance to build a cooperative community. With the rapid development in the technological periphery and an increasing round of people aiming to continue studies along with their jobs, it has provided a major opportunity for academic centers to adopt the new technique of providing education via the web. However, there require been significant developments which rear MOOC to be a threat in the educational sector (Educause, 2013 Weiss, 2013). The main objective of this paper is to provide a descriptive study that would explain the grandeur of MOOC in todays educational context. ... However, it has been viewed that there exists very limit sources that can be considered as an effective mode for learning modern procedures and multitude intimacy. In addition, it has been measured that there exist numerous people who do not get adequate time from their working schedule to gain updated knowledge simultaneously with their work, as they need to earn their livelihood for managing their family (Pope, 2013). MOOC was developed with the prime motive of delivering learning contents online to any person located anywhere in the globe with no limit on attendance. I t is generally an online program which provides an opportunity to connect with different people in terms of sharing thoughts, ideas through webinars, articles and online discourse on the individuals specific topics of interest. Additionally, another prime advantage of MOOC is that it provides a list of resources gathered from different academic initiatives along with updated learning syllabus. It has also been viewed that MOOC form of education involves project based learning that guides individuals to create plans to increase their intellectual and technical knowledge. In an era of financial reductions by federal bodies, it has been viewed that schools and colleges have cut budgets related to developing professional developments within individuals. It has been viewed that MOOC is a relatively new innovation in the education sector that provides a major hazard for individuals to help bridge their achievements in their academic aspects along with offering a scope to earn income to support their livelihood. However, it has been viewed that many critics suggest that the

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Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia - Essay ExampleThe novel position is in between Cuba and the USA where the focus is on a single family of three generations. Ideally, the novel memoir in the novel is the third person narration with countable instances written in the first person narration. One of the key aspects witnessed across the novel is the fact that the narration jumps from one point in measure to another hence going contrary to the linear fashion of narration. The novel has a number of themes witnessed all through the plot that vary from memory, living in exile, family ties and political divisions that characterized the Cuban hi trading floor. Writing proficiencys used by GarciaI.RetrospectionAll through the novel, the narrator seems to be giving accounts of events that they might have experienced in the yesteryear without interfering with the flow of the story. The purpose of using this technique is to distressustrate the suffering of the Del Pino family that spreads across the generations. The family members that plotline focuses on are Pilar, Celia del Pinos grand daughter, Lourdes and Felicia who are Celias daughters. The author relies on the accounts of the narrator as the author was in exile that did not interact with Castros rule. Therefore, the narrators pat makes the author to have a coup doeil of how it used to be back in the day when Garcia was residing in the USA. This aspect of narrations relatively appears in films hence making Garcia a formidable author as not many may use this technique in their literature works. II. Projection The projection technique is a technique that blends well with science manufacture stories where the predicted future tends to be imaginary, but at the same time appears real to the reader. In the novel, projection is a clear element that affects the narrators story as the mental instability that had struck Celia befalls on her daughter Felicia. In essence, Celia became mentally tipsy when her husband Jo rge died while Felicia became mentally unstable because of the ill treatment that she received form her husband. In the end, Felicia attempts to kill Hugo, her husband as the torture proves immense on her. On the other hand, Celia becomes mentally unstable because of the cruelty that received from Jorges mother and sister all through her pregnancy. Therefore, the obvious projection here is that cruelty and pregnancy were the probable causes of mental disorders for these twain women. III. Different period and structure The author uses this technique within the characters of the novel to suggest reflections that they have of the future. The constant throws in between time helps in the exemplification of the turmoil that the characters were experiencing although at different times. In essence, the psychological torment that the characters portrayed illustrated the gravity of their situation that justified few of their actions. For instance, the author asserts that the minds of Celia and Felicia snapped at some point although the time of their occurrence was not the same. Another similarity presented by the author is that both Celia and Felicia gave birth to daughters as their first children. Therefore, the author uses this technique to present the striking similarities in the occurrence of events that occurred at different times. IV. Straight forward Evidently, the format of the narration is no different from the normal presentation of a story as the novel begins with a clear beginning that

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What Shapes External Competitiveness (Compensation Strategy) Essay

What Shapes External Competitiveness (Compensation Strategy) - Essay Example2. The degree of competitiveness cosmos intense, increases in product prices would correspond to lowering of revenues, if undertaken. Thus most judicious producers would adopt a wait-and -watch attitude rather than take up indiscreet move of hiking prices to serve short-term monetary interestsFinally, coming to organizational structure, it is believed that whether the business is labour or capital intensive, technology driven or market driven- all conduct towards the kind of wage or compensation strategy that would be enforced. As a usual practice, firms that are reputed, technology driven and well entrenched give in higher than start ups and growing business houses.In the sphere of external competitiveness, that is wage bargaining, there are several factors which make their mark. The comparing of compensation range of one organization with that of its competitors is what determines compensation strategy .The relevant compensation strategy that needs to be pursued. It is believed that the organizations plan for how compensation decisions on the types and amount of catch up with are made, based on the interests of the employees and keeping with the organizations mission and competitive position in the market. (Compensation and internal & external equity, 2008, para.3).Besides this, the level at which compensation is payable to staff, executive or top management level is also important as is the kind of individual contributions made by employees at these levels. Quality and quantity of performance, work commitment, loyalty for the cause of the organization and the ability to work harmoniously in aCompensation and internal & external equity. (2008).One timber Compensation Framework. Retrieved June 17, 2010, from

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Entre Nos Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Entre Nos - Essay ExampleThe movie proves to us that lack of immigrants cultural understanding, nasty friendship and interpersonal relationship in a city results to frustrations, mistreatment and suffering of immigrants in the cities. As Zukin (1995) analyzes, culture is a powerful tool for coercive cities. Culture is a summation of social, economic, linguistic, and political aspects of life and how people in a split upicular setting execute these components in their unique way. The video is an compute of an experience by Mariana a wife and mother of two young children, Gabriel and Andrea. Marianas preserve, whom they have immigrated to live with in New York City, abandoned the naive family at the city. Unable to settle bills, Mariana is evacuated from their rented apartment to the streets and things get worse when she discovers that she is pregnant. In addition to her lack of knowledge of the language spoken in the vicinity, she has non employment or work experience. Language is a powerful tool in life and immigrants are sometimes constrained and limited when they can not express themselves in the middle of strangers. Inability to understand the language of New York makes it difficult for the family to adapt to the culture of the city given that culture is inculcated largely through language. One of the fateful thing that city immigrants should establish is social network a powerful tool that members of the society can use for survival. In the vast urban environment, much(prenominal) as that of New York where Mariana and her two kinds were struggling to survive, social network could have been a way of soliciting for support from friends and neighbors. For example, immigrants should have a way of communicating and associating with their ally immigrants, neighbors or those close to them. For example, if Mariana had known another fellow immigrant in the town, she could have been assisted because not all immigrants suffered the tragedy. In fact, the stor y would have been different if her husband stayed and continued to support his family. Another survival tactic, which ensures safety and security when one gets to a vast urban environment is creating close friendships with the people one is close to either neighbors, workmates or associates. Close friendships makes a person to acquire and amass enough social, political and even economic security because friends can help in finding a solution in extreme cases instead of learning the hard way like Mariana. Moreover, close friendship is a significant part of social life and, as noted from the movie, much of the agonies that Mariana and her two kids underwent were as a result of lack of close friendship. As it is known, men are created troglodyte beings, but necessity forces them to create social networks because there is no survival in isolation. In this case, cities are depicted in an influential cinema as tragic places where people are not concerned much about their neighbors. In ci ties like the one Mariana was living, the owners of property such as tenants in urban areas are exceptionally capitalistic, and they are only concerned with their economic gains and not social welfare of their tenants it is an economic regime that does not consider those who do not have. Economic challenges are, therefore, not a concern of the owners of resources in cities. For example, we see the owner of the apartment where Mariana and

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Amazon Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Amazon - Case Study Example, the organization was an on occupancy bookstore that it diversified its operations to include services such as DVDs and VHS tapes, softw ar, electronics, video games, music CDs, furniture, clothing, MP3s, and food items. Technology ensured that E-books could eclipse the sale of hard copies and Bezos took advantage of it (Stone, 2012). This was in recognition to what Amazon had done in making online shopping popular. In order to ensure that its products are closer to the customer, Amazon operates different retails websites for several countries including US, united Kingdom, Canada, Germany, China, Spain, Italy, France and Japan. In addition, the organization operates international shipping lines to given countries for delivery of its products to its customers there (Enright, 2010).The main competitors for the organization are Apple Inc., eBay Inc.,, Google, Barnes & Noble, Inc., USA, LLC, and Catalog & Mail Order Houses. This is becau se the companies are in the same business and they have been able to establish themselves in the market as well. These competitors operate several websites that customers can use to purchase their wares. In addition, the competitors such as Apple Inc offer a diverse number of services that can be used to rival Amazon. However, in order to tab ahead of the game Amazon ensures that it produces services that are not available in the other online retailers. For, example it was the first to introduce an international shipping line for transporting goods to its customers (Enright, 2010).The relationship between Amazon and publishers based in New York is very good because Amazon is able to sell books everywhere (Stone, 2012). This means that the organization has already established itself and thus customers trust its operations. Because of its policies, which are to satisfy the customer at all the times, Amazon has been able to create a huge client base. In addition, the existing clients for Amazon act as its marketers

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Development in the Management of Human Resources Assignment

Development in the Management of Human Resources - Assignment ExampleThese include employees who collectively contribute to achieving business objectives. It deals with employing people, utilizing, developing capabilities as well as compensating their services in relation to the organizational requirements. The need to produce work based on knowledge and acknowledging that workers are key to a maintaining competitive advantage has improved new HRM initiatives. This study tries to analyze the major problems facing the Play Smart Toy Company and thereafter examines HRM policies and practices to be busy by the company to increase its productivity and growth. In reference to the above case study, there are various human resources problems identified.Ken Williams with the help of a small management team decided to develop a line of specialty toys that made a big impact in the market. The company grew in production and gained a big market share in Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra and later into the Chinese market. As demand increased the company employed more staff and the business went from a small operation to a much larger concern by employing a lasting production staff. Despite reasoned sales figures profits in 2007 and the first part of 2008 dropped significantly. The then accountant explained to Williams that this fall had been brought about by the increase in costs, for example, the rising labor costs. apart(predicate) from the increase in costs, there were other issues of concern.First was the efficiency problem with the production staff. It had been discovered that the staff were just moving about and not doing their duties as per the rules and when the demand was high most of them were stressed and this led to a decrease in production.